Hard alcohol could make you feel instantly sexier, according to science


Researchers from Britain came to the conclusion that beer (of any kind) and red wine evoke a sense of relaxation and fatigue. "Overall 29.8% of respondents reported feeling aggressive when drinking spirits, compared with only 7.1% when drinking red wine", wrote the researchers in the final report.

The only emotional response that spirits didn't score highest for was being relaxed; if you're looking to unwind, you're better off with red wine or beer, both of which scored much higher in this area (52% and 49% respectively).

Most people drink alcohol seeking positive effects, said the study's co-author, Mark Bellis, director of policy, research and worldwide development at Public Health Wales. Almost one third of spirit drinkers linked feelings of aggression with their drink compared with around 2.5 per cent of red wine drinkers.

Spirits were the least likely to be associated with feeling relaxed, with just 20 per cent saying it helped them to unwind.

"Wine relaxes you, vodka gives you energy and beer boosts your confidence", promises the Mail Online.

Drinking red wine may elicit conflicting responses of feeling both sexy and exhausted, a new study suggests.

Mark Bellis, a professor of public health at Bangor University in the U.K and the lead author of this study, said that the consumption of spirits have been associated with violence for years, and their new study is once again substantiating this fact.

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Bellis said that it makes sense that different types of drinks would work differently on the brain and emotions, given how alcohol levels vary. This can result in a quicker stimulating effect as blood alcohol levels increase. But what if the type of alcoholic drink we choose could directly affect our emotions?

Hard alcohols make people feel more confident and sexy. The headline didn't mention the negative emotions reported by many respondents to the survey, such as aggression or tearfulness.

The findings come from a large new study which discovered that different types of alcohol elicit different emotional responses.

It is worth also bearing in mind that there are compounds apart from alcohol in different drinks. But on the down side, they were also more strongly associated with feeling aggressive, ill, restless, and tearful.

Of course, why people drink isn't only based on the emotion they associate with the drink. The exception was aggression, which was more commonly reported by men (36.97% of men compared to 31.27% of women). The emotional side of drinking is another important aspect to consider when trying to tackle alcohol related harms.

"This global study suggests even today consuming spirits is more likely to result in feelings of aggression than other drinks". So manage to solve the problem of increasing the number of people with alcohol dependence and the level of violence in society, he added.