Allegations against Alabama's Roy Moore dividing GOP women


The Greater Birmingham Young Republicans voted Thursday to pull its endorsement of Roy Moore and censure the U.S. Senate candidate at its monthly meeting, saying it believes in the concept of innocent until proven guilty but not "electability until proven guilty".

Still, she said, she'll vote for Moore. Earlier on Thursday, the steering committee sent out a statement affirming its support of Moore, adding that Moore's fate should be decided by voters and not "the media or those from afar".

On "Meet The Press", Comstock said she believes the women who have levied accusations against Moore, and she claimed she was the first female member of Congress to call on Moore to step aside.

Since last week, Moore has been engulfed by accusations of sexual misconduct toward women in their teens when he was a deputy district attorney in his 30s.

"To the people of Alabama, thank you for being smarter than they think you are", Kayla Moore said.

Moore has been dogged by allegations that he sexually assaulted two women decades ago when they were teenagers. Luther Strange in the September 26 primary to determine Sessions' successor and campaigned in the state, a Republican stronghold.

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Moore's candidacy has left GOP officials in a bind, especially after GOP Gov. Kay Ivey said she will not postpone the election and will vote for Moore. "At some point I think you ought to let the voters have a say here". "We would have to seat him, but I hope we don't get there". "That they can't seem to come to terms with the reality that their president is just as guilty as Roy Moore". Scott said he thinks there was "a strong possibility with a new candidate, a new Republican candidate, a proven conservative, that we can win that race".

Mulvaley said he believes the accusations "are credible", but he still doesn't know "who to believe". As he wrote in his 2009 autobiography, seeing her was something he never forgot. Moore has denied the allegations.

President Donald Trump has not remarked publicly on the allegations against Moore.

Moore's campaign this week has been a bullhorn tribute to his character.

"I do not recognize the man these ladies are describing", Ann Eubank, a fixture in Alabama Republican politics, said of the accusers.

Falvey, who runs an LGBT community center, said she was angered by the stories about Moore since he had fought to block gay marriage in the state.