US Navy sends 'powerful message' in rare carrier exercise


The aircraft carriers USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz with USA and Japanese warships.

North Korea warned at the United Nations yesterday that the deployment of three USA aircraft carriers in joint navy drills with South Korea was fuelling tensions that could lead to nuclear war.

"The objective of the drill in global waters is to showcase the U.S. Navy's "unique capability to operate multiple carrier strike groups as a coordinate strike force effort", the service said in a statement".

The three strike groups are led by the USS Ronald Reagan, based in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, the San Diego-based USS Theodore Roosevelt and the USS Nimitz, based in the state of Washington, according to the U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet in Yokosuka.

The exercise involves three US aircraft carrier groups, making it the largest show of force in a decade.

The combined strike force is conducting sea surveillance, UNREPS, air defense drills and air combat training and close-in coordinated maneuvers, among other operations.

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These exercises typically happen when an aircraft carrier deployed to the 7th Fleet area of operations joins with the carrier based in Japan.

He added, "This exercise in the Western Pacific is a strong testament to the U.S". The MSDF said it is "using every opportunity" to strengthen ties between the two navies, the Japan Times reports. "We sent three of the largest aircraft carriers in the world [to the Korean Peninsula] and a nuclear submarine is also positioned", he said during a visit to South Korea last week.

The U.S.S. Nimitz, the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt, and the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan all took part in the exercise, along with their accompanying vessels.

"North Korean news outlets described the carriers" presence as a provocation, and officials in Pyongyang told CNN that they are concerned that Trump intends to start a conflict.

However, Pyongyangs state news agency accused the USA and South Korea of attempting to escalate tensions in the region.