LISTEN NOW: Eminem and Beyoncé 'Walk on Water' in Moving New Single


When Kendrick Lamar asked his competition past year to "be humble, sit down", he probably didn't mean for Marshall Mathers to pen an entire track about being humble only to end it with a reminder to us all that he is also the guy who wrote "Stan".

Before the release of the new song, the rapper tweeted a video that features a spokesperson who announces: 'Tomorrow, noon Eastern time, 9 a.m.

While the rapper hasn't confirmed that Walk on Water is part of a forthcoming larger release, fans have speculated that a new Eminem album may be arriving soon.

'Why, are expectations so high?

Queen Bey opens the song with "I walk on water, but I ain't no Jesus".

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'Cause I'm only human just like you, if you only knew. Throughout, Em lets off some self-conscious, self-deprecating bars - you can hear the sound of crumpling paper in the background - before switching up the mood completely near its close, with Em revving up and reversing course: "We are not alike / B**** I wrote 'Stan'". "Is it the bar I set, the arms I stretch, but I can't reach?" he raps, kicking things off. In "Walk on Water" he directs another jab at President Trump, following his recent and explosive cypher during the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards. "Will this step just be another misstep / To tarnish whatever the legacy, love, or respect I've garnered?" "The rhyme has to be ideal, the delivery flawless/And it always feels like I'm hitting the mark/'Till I go sit in the vehicle, listen, and pick it apart".

Afterwards, he started teasing his new album, appropriately titled Revival on social media.

Finally, Eminem has graced our ears with the first song off his much-anticipated LP dubbed "Revival" featuring Beyonce.

Fans also pointed out that Eminem's release is the same day as Taylor Swift dropped her new album Reputation with some hinting at Taylor being overshadowed.