Lakeland Elementary Students Honor Veterans With Special Celebration


Groups from the school system participating included music ensembles from Veterans Elementary and the Howard High School JROTC. "Kids here can still do anything they want and should not squander their opportunity". Snacks and coffee will be served in the commons area, followed by an assembly with veterans seated in a place of honor for acknowledgement of their service.

Staley High School has held the event every year since their opening in 2008.

"We believe that there are future generals and admirals in the audience today, that when they see what their USA military is, can be, and has done; that may spark in them a desire to join one of the branches of the service", says Gary Parrott, the Commander of the Grand Valley Combined Honor.

It was a patriotic scene at the Custer Armory as the entire district gathered to honor Veteran's day.

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At Staley High School, the celebrations are starting early. "Most young people have no idea what those people did over 70 years ago". "I was either unlucky to be there at the time or lucky I survived".

"We're out here in the freezing cold just to give back", Staley senior Joseph Ramos said. "They fought hard for us and now we can show our appreciation by honoring them here today".

Ben Wahlstom, student council president says, "Each year, student council does this and it is very rewarding, but also honorable the veterans, they do a lot for us".