National Football League owners appear to be heading for a war among themselves


However, Goodell is also reportedly furious about one of the new conditions that could come with a new deal.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has reportedly made his beef with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell official by hiring lawyer David Boies and threatening to sue the league over Goodell's contract extension.

For the past few months, National Football League owners and Goodell have been working on a contract extension, a five-year deal to kick in when his current deal expires in 2019. If Jones sues the league, things could even uglier, but it may not do him any good.

Jones is one of the owners who helped to give Goodell nearly unlimited power in terms of his ability to punish players.

Jones has hired lawyer David Boies, now under scrutiny for helping Harvey Weinstein amidst his sexual harassment scandal, according to the New York Times.

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However, by Thursday afternoon, the NFL was pushing back against OTL's narrative, as league spokesman Joe Lockhart told reporters Goodell isn't angry about the contract negotiations and that characterizing him as furious is "nonsense" and "nothing is further from the truth".

Elliott has continued to play while the issue works its way through the courts, but Jones still seems to have turned on Goodell over the suspension.

The New York Times report said the threats over Goodell's extension "stems from Jones's anger over the commissioner's suspending" of Elliott. He's now powerless to do much about it unless he's able to sway owners in more influential positions who are situated on the right committees to actually shift such gears.

While a six-game suspension was eventually given, Elliott has still played in every game for the Cowboys, with his punishment now being appealed. It's also impossible to empathize with Jerry Jones, who ordered his players to stand during the national anthem after Jones spoke to Donald Trump.