Pentagon Supports Diplomacy In North Korea But Weighs Other Options


The Joint Chiefs also fear that Pyongyang would use biological weapons in a conflict, despite worldwide conventions banning their use, as well as chemical weapons - which it has never agreed to abandon. Ted Lieu (D-CA) and Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) to provide assessments of the expected casualties and possible military operations in the event of a conflict with North Korea.

"Their assessment underscores what we've known all along: there are no good military options for North Korea", the statement said.

A statement from at least 16 lawmakers, almost all of the Democrats, which was obtained by The Post along with the Pentagon letter said the "assessment underscores what we've known all along: There are no good military options for North Korea". He noted that Seoul is home to some 25 million people and just 35 miles from the demilitarized zone, the de facto border between North and South Korea.

The group of politicians, comprising of 15 Democrats and one Republican, described the assessment as "deeply disturbing" and said such an action "could result in hundreds of thousands, or even millions of deaths in just the first few days of fighting".

While an estimated 29,000 U.S. troops are deployed in South Korea, "It's important for people to understand what a war with a nuclear power would look like", said Lieu, who pointed to estimates of at least 300,000 dead on both sides within just the first few days.

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The U.S., Australian and South Korean navies are conducting joint exercises off Jeju Island, South Korea, this week to simulate the interception of shipments of nuclear material meant for North Korea.

"The President needs to stop making provocative statements that hinder diplomatic options and put American troops further at risk", Mr Lieu's joint statement said. In a speech before USA troops based in Japan, Trump claimed that "no dictator, no regime and no nation, should underestimate, ever, American resolve".

"I say we are out of time, it is a case of when - not if- now".

North Korea's recent actions, including several missiles that overflew Japan and Pyongyang's sixth and largest nuclear test, have raised the stakes in the most critical global challenge of Trump's presidency. Trump has previously dismissed DPRK leader Kim Jong Un as a "little rocket man" on a suicide mission.

" Together with our allies, America's warriors are prepared to defend our nation using the full range of our unmatched capabilities, said Trump, who was wearing a military-style bomber jacket". It was not pleasant for them, was it?' said Trump, who wore a leather bomber jacket as he addressed the troops.