Andrea Jenkins becomes Minneapolis' first transgender city council member


She joins fellow transgender politician Danica Roem in victory.

"The first order of business is to get cracking on police accountability and public safety in our community and to talk about affordable housing and making the city safe", Jenkins said.

Althena Garrison, a black woman, became the first transgender person elected to a state legislature in 1992 but did not campaign as openly transgender, according to The Advocate. Althea Garrison was elected in MA in 1992, but did not disclose that she was transgender - she was outed as being transgender after she won her race and then did not win reelection. Roem soundly defeated Bob Marshall, a longtime Republican delegate who sponsored legislation that would have restricted transgender bathroom use and who called himself the state's "chief homophobe".

Jenkins' victory was reported by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

As an aide to Glidden and previous Eighth Ward council member Robert Lilligren, Jenkins worked to revitalize the neighborhood with small businesses and arts venues, and helped organize a Trans* Equity Summit. Jenkins is accomplished in many fields - she is a poet, a prose writer and a performance artist.

"This is about the people of the 13thDistrict disregarding fear tactics, disregarding phobias. where we celebrate you because of who you are, not despite it". Marshall said in an interview with NPR that Roem "engage [d] in this behavior - which clearly goes against the laws of nature and nature's God", and last month his campaign sent out flyers referring to Roem as "him".

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"When people do try to enact policies that are going to be detrimental to these communities, I can be that voice to derail that, to stop that, to resist".

A few states over in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Andrea Jenkins became the first transgender woman of color to be elected to public office in yet another major victory for the trans community.

Aisha C. Moodie-Mills, president and CEO of Victory Fund, declared: "Tonight was about fighting back - an unprecedented number of brilliant trans candidates asking for the votes of tens of thousands of Americans, and getting them".

The 65-year-old candidate lives in Palm Springs with her wife Cheryl, a place she considers more trans-friendly than other areas of the USA where transgender politicians are running.

Tyler Titus, elected to the Erie, Penn., School Board, is the first openly trans person ever elected in Pennsylvania. "We don't just want a seat at the table, we want to set the table", according to Fox 9 news.

Andrea Jenkins this week became the first trans person of colour elected to any office in the United States, and people are overjoyed.