Hindu terror remarks: Case filed against Kamal Haasan under various sections


Chennai/Lucknow: A case was filed against actor Kamal Haasan under sections 500, 511, 298, 295 (a) and 505 (c) of the Indian Penal Code over his "Hindu terror" statement in a column in a Tamil magazine.

Kamal Haasan had written in an article in Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan: "Earlier, Hindu rightists used have just intellectual debates with those of differing views through which they provoked their opponents to violence".

"There is no other way to handle people like Kamal Haasan but to either hang them or shoot them dead", he said.

Quote tweeting this news report on the Hindu outfit urging Kamal Haasan should be shot dead, Arvind Swamy wrote, "Do you think this is what he was referring to".

In his complaint, Tripathi accused the actor of hurting religious sentiments of Hindus by making inflammatory and derogatory remark of Hindu terrorism.

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The court today chose to hear the matter on November 22, Tripathi said. But this old tactic was defeated and what they stated to do is use muscle power. In the past, Hindu, right-wing groups would not indulge in violence.

"The right-wing can not challenge anyone asking the question - show me one Hindu terrorist".

Responding to the Kerala CM's question, Kamal had said, "Terrorism has spread to that extent in their camp".

Over a post in Twitter, the veteran actor said, "If instilling fear in the name of religion.culture.morality is not terrorizing.then what is it. #justasking". If taking law into hands and lynching people on slightest doubt of cow slaughter is not terrorizing...