Channing Tatum, Pink & Jimmy Kimmel Tell Daughters They Ate All The Candy


On Wednesday, Jimmy Kimmel Live guest host Channing Tatum introduced a clip of Kimmel pranking poor unsuspecting Jane, who handles the supposed loss of all her treats with enormous grace and aplomb.

Kimmel knows this, which is why he took a few moments-despite being away from his hosting duties-to continue his show's longstanding post-Halloween tradition of videotaping kids crying over their parents eating their candy.

Even when Channing Tatum pulls the metaphorical candy curtain back and reveals that he didn't actually eat all of her goodies, and that it was just a joke, she reacts in what is probably the most natural way a child could/should, simply saying, "That's not amusing".

Eventually, Tatum couldn't stand seeing his baby girl heartbroken so he told her that he was just kidding.

"What? I still have one". When telling Everly he didn't eat the candy, she offers the most appropriate response ever: "That's not amusing".

Channing Tatum pranks his daughter Everly and tells her he ate all her Halloween candy.

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Tatum then added, "You're right, that was not amusing". Then, as his adorable daughter looks up at him with big doe eyes, he proceeds to tell her that Daddy and Mommy ate all of her candy the night before - OOPS!

After taking a glimpse inside her candy bag, Jane tells Kimmel to not worry, for she still has some candy left.

Jimmy Kimmel might be on vacation from his late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

"I wanted my Skittles!" However, his daughter didn't find his joke amusing.

After learning that her dad was blowing bubbles every time he hiccupped after eating the eyeballs - which were "bubbles for blowing" - she cheered back up.