TOWIE's Gemma Collins to launch a singing career?!


And whilst Gemma, 36, was initially able to laugh it off, she's confessed that it actually left her fearing for her life.

"Do you know what, Rita?" After Madonna hit back (and strangled) by a cloak full BRIT awards and Shy'm throwing himself head first into the public sparse Bercy (which departs immediately), the Internets we offer an all-new fall broadcast live from Wembley stadium yesterday evening at the English tv!

Gemma said: "I'm not allowed to discuss that but all will be forgiven with the BBC if they give me a slot on Strictly next year".

The stars of Love Island helped her up and she told the crowd at the SSE Arena, Wembley, that she was fine.

Despite the incident, Gemma still managed to joke that her bottom was like an "air bag" that had protected her fall.

Before Gemma went on the female producer told her there was a trap door in the middle of the stage.

'I've got to consult a lawyer, yeah.

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Gemma reckons it's a "miracle" she's "living to tell the tale", telling the Sun that she "could have died or at least been disabled at the end of it.' Adding that under the stage there was machinery which could have left her 'legless".

But her epic pratfall at the awards may see her suing the BBC.

"It's very important this gets sorted out because really you know what it is - it's negligence".

The corporation said: "The BBC takes the health and safety of everyone involved very seriously and we are awaiting a full report from Remedy - the production company who made the show - about the incident, but they have told us that Gemma did receive a full briefing before going on stage".

A doctor examined Gemma after the fall and warned her that her injuries could get worse.

He went on to point out that while Gemma wasn't badly hurt, she may still need time to recover.

Gemma told The Sun: "I'd like to show people things like the real life of Gemma Collins".