Tip: Download Your Purchased Groove Music Now


The $9.99 Groove Music Pass subscription never offered any features to set it apart from Spotify, iTunes and similar services.

Android and iOS versions of the Groove app will keep working until December 31st and then they'll be out of support and will not let you stream the music.

Microsoft has announced plans to close down its Groove Music Pass subscription service. A Windows 10 or Xbox One device is required to migrate to Spotify.

For more on Groove Music shutting down and the transition to Spotify, you'll find an exhaustive FAQ here, which should help address any queries you might have on the matter. And dedicated Microsoft fans are disappointed by the retirement, and perhaps a sign that the company isn't focused on consumer services.

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Users could use the new music player to play local music files, but they could also use it to subscribe to Groove Music, the company's music streaming service. Spotify is the undisputed leader with 60 million paying subscribers and 140 million active users.

Jerry Johnson, GM of Groove Music wrote in the blog post, "Our partners are at the center of delivering great experiences on Windows and enabling them to shine on our platform is a top priority".

The app will support iOS and Android devices to use the music from OneDrive, but streaming will discontinue on December 31st. To be fair, it was a perfectly competent music streaming service, but there was nothing special about it. Microsoft had hoped to breathe new life into the service that allowed customers to stream music, as well as play downloaded music from Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service.

Some users might even be eligible for two months of Spotify Premium for free. Basically, download your music (if you have any) is the message to 99 per cent of people. The company also pledged that Groove Music Pass users will be able to move their content until at least January 31, 2018. Obviously, Groove Music Pass did not pan out financially as the company expected. Users of Groove Music have been made a request to relocate every one of their playlists and accumulations to Spotify.