Blade Runner 2049 Spoilers Discussion


In fact, labelled by some critics as the "best film of 2017", the Denis Villeneuve-directorial is being seen as a front runner at the Academy Awards in March 2018. However, 35 years down the line, if there's one director who could produce a replicant of Ridley Scott's commendable vision, it's Villeneuve. I can't remember how many times I saw the film that summer, but it was a lot. As Kyle has written at Vulture, Blade Runner 2049 has a Mad Max: Fury Road vibe to it, a technical achievement with critical praise and the kind of buzz any studio would envy. That's more than Blade Runner made during its entire lifespan at the box office ( $32 million).

Indeed, Ridley Scott in the past has suggested that there could be more Blade Runner movies after 2049.

Image via Alcon Entertainment / Warner Bros. She then began poking fun at Gosling, asking, "Did you get your knitting needles out [on the set] because I know you like to relax".

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With Blade Runner you were plopped down right in the middle of an incredible story in a terrifically original and noir-ish setting with quirky characters and thought-provoking concepts that left unanswered questions of which people are still debating thirty-five years later. "[And] Blade Runner could go on... we'll see how this one goes".

Ryan Gosling joined Ford on ITV's This Morning for what turned into a very surprising giggle fest. The film brought in $4 million in Thursday night previews, ahead of a projected $45 to $50 million opening weekend. If so, make sure to sound-off your thoughts on the film below!