What Does Mental Health Mean To You?


The company will additionally provide its employees within and across the numerous places they work in the United Kingdom with tips, information, advice, and support each day throughout the week with the objective of further raising awareness regarding the importance of being keenly aware of and looking after their mental health. Maybe you need an extra day off, or flexible work hours, or a quieter place to work.

According to the World Health Organization, globally, more than 300 million people suffer from depression and more than 260 million live with anxiety disorders.

In this video, Per talks about the year of compulsory national service he did after leaving school (in Germany, you do a year in the army or a year of national service), and how during that year, he worked in a hospital that cared for the mentally ill.

Relationships: You and your colleagues are allowed to have "water cooler conversations", enjoy social spaces, foster good workplace relationships and help and support each other.

Overall, on this World Mental Health Day, it's important to remember the struggles people with mental health face. "And to give you the respect that's probably not your intention and give you a chance to regroup and rethink your approach, '" says Baynton. "If people lack coping skills their performance at work is effected and that eventually leads to their termination", she said. Using the UK's model as an example, Hamilton said, the discussion centres around having an integrated mental health service, "a recognition that it is not enough for the police to treat people that they come across through their contact or through the criminal justice system".

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Many people with mental illness don't know what is happening nor how to respond to it. "She said many people have it worse than me so I should suck it up", Sarah recalled. "'Just say oh it's going to be OK?' We have a responsibility to make sure that we are OK". "In accordance with the American Disability Act that we follow now, if a person is diagnosed with mental health issues, accommodations can be made". Which, if they're a decent person, will be a good one.

And the problem of mental health seems to be especially acute among the members of the youngest generation - those aged 18 to 34 - of Canada's workforce. But what if they never felt like that? If you don't have a mental illness, and want to help those that do, there are any number of ways you can.

This year, the group conducted an online survey of 499 participants called Stigma in the Workplace, which revealed that "44% of the respondents indicated that they were uncomfortable with disclosing their mental health issue to a manager, which callers often express when they call the group's helpline looking for advice or help". Just showing a little kindness and reaching out to friends or family not only helps them out, but can help you as well.

Today, the world observes World Mental Health Day with its theme being, Mental Health in The Workplace.