Nvidia Says Its New Autonomous-Driving Computer Will Enable "Robotaxis"


Nvidia has announced a new AI supercomputer with enough processing power for fully autonomous (Level 5) driving, which means it's everything a auto maker needs to power a driverless vehicle all by itself. This enables automakers and tier 1 suppliers to move from development into production for a wide range of self-driving solutions - from AutoCruise on the highway, to AutoChauffeur for point-to-point travel, to Pegasus for a fully autonomous vehicle. The company just introduced a new computer, called Drive PX Pegasus, that it says will be powerful enough to replace human drivers when it comes out in about a year.

To develop these AI delivery vehicles, DPDHL has already configured its data center with the NVIDIA DGX-1™ AI supercomputer for training its neural networks. The idea is to make vehicular travel a more relaxing and stress-free experience, as passengers are coddled in interiors that would more closely resemble your living room as opposed to a typical vehicle. This marks a substantial improvement over its old Drive PX 2 board (that is now shipping with Tesla models) and results in a net performance improvement of nearly 10x.

The Drive PX Pegasus board is no different and represents a huge leap in performance and probably one of the first boards that will propel us over Level 3 Autonomy (Tesla Autopilot). "Travelers will simply order up the type of vehicle they want based on their destination and activities planned along the way", Huang said in the release. "The future of society will be reshaped", he said.

The chip's high performance and small form factor could dramatically reduce the amount of space that needs to be set aside for computing equipment in a vehicle.

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Nvidia echoed this sentiments as the company believes that automating truck delivery services will help avoid accidents without sacrificing delivery time or leading to the exhaustion of a driver.

The Pegasus is created to receive an Automotive Safety Integrity Level D certification, the highest standard of functional safety for road vehicles as defined by the ISO. Nevertheless, NVIDIA automotive partners can expect to see the system to be available to them in 2018.

Shares in Nvidia sprouted $4.93, or 2.7%, to $190.32 early Tuesday morning.