Assured Guaranty pulls Puerto Rico lawsuit, cites hurricane


With Puerto Rico being left with a humanitarian crisis after sitting through Category 5 Hurricane Maria's path for over thirty hours, hosting this week's Global Café meant more for the PRSA than sharing a taste of the vibrant island.

"We have 12,300 DoD personnel here in Puerto Rico, more than 600 FEMA and more than 2,000 EMACs from 25 states in Puerto Rico serving through the emergency", he said, adding that the hospital ship USNS Comfort is serving around Puerto Rico with a capacity of about 1,000 patients.

"Our hope is that Sunday's community relief effort will help provide some comfort to our fellow citizens here and in Puerto Rico".

"I'm very fortunate, we are all very fortunate, and down there, there are so many things they need help with", said 7th grader Caitlyn Rogers.

"We all have family members in Puerto Rico".

"They are the ones [helping] down there, so they know what is needed".

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"Just want to help out as much as we can". Whether it's with patrol or helping them in any way they need.

As of Friday, about 90 percent of Puerto Rico is still without power, while the death toll has climbed to 36 since Hurricane Maria made landfall on September 20. She believes she can to do her part by volunteering her time in events such as the Global Café.

"Everything is brought here or there or wherever it's at, separate it and then we take it to my husband's warehouse", said organizer Joy Papilla Anderson.

Guzman praised the outreach pouring from campus organizations looking to collaborate, such as the Mexican American Student Organization.

Puerto Rico officials continue to work closely with the Defense Department, the and the Federal Emergency Management Agency and with state-to-state partners through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, he noted.