IPhone 8 Plus battery problem: new incident reported as concern grows


Just a few weeks after the iPhone 8 went to the markets, there have been reports from users suggesting that the units have a battery issue. At the same time, lighting during the highlights on iPhone 8 Plus became much more hard, while Note 8 adjusted to the highlights impressively.

However that's not necessarily bad news because according to Kuo's prediction, he believes any production issues with the TrueDepth camera will be resolved in 2018, meaning that 2018's iPhone X will not be plagued by the same supply issues as this year's model, which could result in a "longer sales period" which should help with the super cycle predictions. The Cupertino-based tech giant said that they are already aware of the situation and they are now "looking into" the problem. A third-party fix shop called iRepair sent across a photo of the iPhone 8 Plus in question to Mac Rumors, telling them that the owner unboxed his brand new handset, plugged it in overnight, and woke up to it deformed.

Several telecom industry sources familiar with the matter said the country's three main mobile carriers are likely to begin receiving preorders for iPhone 8 and 8s models on October 27.

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Apple news site MacRumours, which reported the first case, said it was common for there to be a "very low percentage of defective units" given the large quantity of iPhones manufactured.

For now, the current number of reports regarding inflated iPhone 8 batteries is not enough to conclude that the problem exists in every model distributed worldwide, Tech Crunch reported. Samsung and Apple respectively have 10 and 4 phones that have shipped over 1 million units per month.

Another iPhone 8 Plus user has revealed that their new device arrived in an unusable state, with the side of the handset having burst open, possibly due to a bloated battery. It can be recalled that Apple's closest rival in the smartphone industry, Samsung, had a battery issue with 2016's Galaxy Note 7.